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I attended the NLP course this weekend at The Complementary Therapy School, Aberdeen. The presenter had a really informal and easy way of teaching. The course was very informative and has certainly made me think about the way I can improve my communication skills with clients and of course using these skills in my everyday life. I have had a very interesting week………people watching, their body language and just language in general and my responses to conversations. Communication is everything in my occupation, so thank you David for making it a whole lot easier.

Linda Ross


I have found the course fascinating and extremely good fun. I have learned so much from Melanie and working with the group. I knew I would love the practical side of the course but have found, much to my surprise, that I actually enjoy studying again!

Monica Walker


A thorough and comprehensive course giving me the knowledge and confidence to practice. Staff were extremely knowledgeable, supportive and efficient. Would greatly recommend and well worth the money.

Lynda Mcintosh


I am glad the course was in depth as this made me feel well qualified when dealing with individual clients proving that the complementary therapy school is offering the highest standard of Reflexology course and tutoring. The course principal was always available for help or advice if needed and her previous knowledge in medicine shone through. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone.

Helen Murdoch


NLP Effective Communication Course day 10th June 2012. I really enjoyed the weekend and can’t believe the amount of knowledge that I have gained about myself and others, which I will put to good use from now on. You have reinforced techniques I have used for ages (not knowing where they came from) but more importantly given me many new tools and ideas. A very enjoyable, positive life-changing course. It has greatly benefited my relationships and my work as a therapist. Would recommend it to everyone. Many thanks once again.

Rabin Panchkoty


At all times I found Melanie to be an extremely knowledgeable, available, likeable and competent reflexology teacher who encouraged me through difficult family circumstances to complete the course and become a Member of the Association of Reflexologists.

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Gordon Edward


If you are looking for a course in Reflexology then I cannot recommend Melanie and The Complementary Therapy School highly enough. Melanie is very dedicated and passionate about reflexology and her teaching methods, with the mix of theory and practice, are spot on. The course is delivered in an interesting and fun way and I looked forward to the study days and catching up with the rest of the group again. I was even surprised at how much I enjoyed returning to study! Out with the teaching days Melanie is always ‘there for you’, promptly offering support and advice either by email or phone. I welcome the lifelong support that Melanie offers to qualified students, as it is brilliant to have continued access to her support and guidance. Thanks to Melanie, she has given me the confidence to pursue Reflexology as a new career. Thank you Melanie, your encouragement and support throughout the course has been invaluable.

Kay Nicoll


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