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I have been lucky enough to be a student of the CTS for the past two years now. I have completed Clinical Reflexology and this year Swedish Massage. Melanie is a fantastic tutor who is very professional, approachable and friendly. There is a lot of academic work on the courses but Melanie delivers this in a way that is easy to understand and fun at the same time. I have come on such a journey since being with the CTS and I have now opened my own Holistic Studio. The courses not only teach you how to do the practical element of the therapies but they also give you the much needed understanding of how to run a business. I am so thankful to Melanie and her team and I cannot wait to do more courses with the CTS. Thank you for giving me the confidence to give up my day job and follow my dream of becoming a Complementary Therapist.

Llana Kidd


Someone available at the end of the phone is both helpful and essential for study and confidence in study. I enjoyed the course and being new to study, Melanie’s approach to adapt to people of different abilities has helped and inspired me to continue. My interest has grown in the topic as the course has progressed. Feedback from my clients has also inspired me from seeing them benefit.

Martin Cathrew


The Clinical Reflexology Course provided by the Complementary Therapy School allowed me to fulfil my ambition of becoming a qualified, confident reflexologist.
I completed both the Anatomy & Physiology and Reflexology modules. These intense, University credited modules, alongside the 100 hours of practical training I had to complete, meant I had a very busy year! Melanie was very approachable, helpful and reassuring with any queries I had, whilst completing the assignments or during my practical sessions.
If you are willing to put in the time and effort, then you will find this a very rewarding course which will give you a high quality qualification and allow you to become a competent reflexologist. Thank you Melanie.

Dorne Edwards


I signed up to do the diploma in Complementary Therapies. I am at the end of the reflexology course and have really enjoyed it. It was a small class and the teaching was really easy to understand. The practical aspect was extremely useful and the theory was well taught and simple to follow. Also the potential for extensions on handing in coursework made the course very flexible and much easier to fit in around my work and home life. Melanie has been very approachable and helpful with any queries I have had and I am looking forward to beginning the next part of my qualification.

Carol McCabe


The Clinical Reflexology course was one of the best training I ever had in this field. Both the classes and the home assessments were designed to teach us the most possible about this wonderful therapy. Melanie as a teacher is inspiring, extremely knowledgeable and approachable during the whole course.
As an international student, it is important for me that the language barriers wouldn’t affect my studies and I have to say that during this course I never felt any disadvantage for not being a non-native English speaker. The material and the lectures are easy to follow and I never got lower marks because of my simpler English.
I left the course as a confident therapist, which means I will treat my first ‘real’ reflexology clients with competency and it is due to the great work of Melanie and the other lecturers.
I will recommend this course to people who are interested in a high quality reflexology course and I will spread the word about it not only in the UK but also in all the countries I will travel in the future.
I would like to thank to the whole crew of The Complementary Therapy School for the great learning experience!

Orsolya Toth


I am delighted to qualify this summer with a Practitioner Diploma in Swedish Massage Therapy, after a busy and exciting year. I met and trained with a lovely group of likeminded people from all over the UK. I found Melanie to be a very talented, knowledgeable and approachable tutor who was always quick to respond to emails, acknowledging safe receipt of assessments and/or offering assistance and support where required. I have to admit that I was concerned I would struggle to keep up with the course work and practical experience required to gain this excellent qualification whilst juggling a 3 year old and working full time, but Melanie was very encouraging throughout and she put me at ease when I needed to request extensions, meaning that I was able to fit studying around my busy schedule. Thank you very much Melanie, I look forward to joining you again in October for Clinical Reflexology and to gaining my Diploma in Complementary Therapies.

Kirsty Gordon


It is so beautiful that you accepted a foreign student, who came to Scotland just for your school and finally fell in love with this profession and wants to get the most out of it. Thank you for that. The most inspirational tutor award that you have gained found its right place and I can talk about that more than anyone.I cannot wait for the Reflexology and the Sports and Remedial massage courses to begin this year.

Emmanouil Petrakis


The Swedish massage course has been fantastic. Very thorough and enjoyable. Met beautiful people, Melanie was very professional yet approachable and fun and I’m so pleased to have a new skill. Highly recommended.

Laurie Fallon


I have studied with Melanie and the Complementary Therapy School for 2 years now working towards a Diploma in Complementary Therapies and cannot thank Melanie enough for all the help she has given me throughout. Her teaching method is excellent, delivered in a relaxed way, adapting to each student, passing over complex information in a manner that it is easy to understand that also has the students working towards their goals cleverly, looking at all aspects of therapy to help you become a skilled and caring practitioner. Melanies’ passion for Complementary therapies shines through and she encourages you to be the best therapist you can be!

Craig Scott


I have spent the last two years studying Swedish Massage & Reflexology with the Complementary Therapy School. I feel confident in both and am excited to begin my new journey with the tools I have gained with Melanie and the CTS. Not only have I come away having learned these new skills, I have also been given confidence throughout by client appointments during these courses and the amount of support Melanie and the other students offers while completing all the hours of practice required. I feel lucky to not only have made a friend in Melanie but also know that’s she’ll continue to be a mentor professionally. Starting something new is always daunting so to be able to have someone willing to offer support and guidance is invaluable.

Nikita Webster


I successfully completed the Practitioner Diploma in Swedish Massage in Glasgow in July 2015. Overall this is a fantastic course, and the results speak for themselves in that my massage clients have reported improvements in their health after regular treatments and all describe experiencing deep relaxation.
The practical classes teach a thorough full-body massage routine, which I adapt for my clients’ individual needs, adding the facial, abdominal, and feet massage elements as necessary. Melanie made the theoretical classes engaging and digestible (pun intended!) and the resultant Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology qualification provides the necessary depth of knowledge that all reputable healing practitioners should have. Because classes were held at the weekend, it allowed me to study and work at the same time. There was also flexibility in the submission times for the written assignments.
This is an excellent course for practitioners wishing to have a career in massage or to add massage to their pre-existing therapies. The tail end of the course touched on deeper massage techniques and investigated muscular trigger points, which can be developed in Melanie’s Sports and Remedial Massage Course. Melanie is also an advocate of complementary therapies as a credible, effective branch of health care, creating university credit rated courses that produce well-trained therapists who are well-prepared for the job market or self-employment. Thanks Melanie, you’re an excellent and inspirational teacher and mentor.

Katie Stewart


Thank you so much for a very enjoyable and informative course. I really have enjoyed the experience.

Leigh kerr


As a complementary therapist, studying, working and volunteering in many countries, I undertook the Clinical Reflexology course in London to find new ways to adapt complementary therapies in a palliative care setting, which I’m into lately.

The course gave me depth and understanding to the clinical and practical aspects of Reflexology, with informed adaptations to practice and holistic approach to suit the client’s needs. Different modules such as foot and hands reflexology, five elements and Chinese medicine aspect, incorporated in different exercises, treatments and case studies brought the subjects alive. Law regulations, the consultation and counseling classes taught us how to work with compassion, sensitivity and understanding as well the importance of practice based on trust, mutual respect and safety. High, academic level of anatomy and physiology as well research and marketing assignments are very inspiring, bringing lots of ideas and helps to being fully practice-oriented therapist. As a student member of the Association of Reflexologists I could also explore new techniques, studies and work or volunteering opportunities.

This challenging programme was effectively carried through with a very high pedagogical standard with different types of media, materials and with excellent analysis and feedback. The interactive atmosphere of the small group was great, friendly and fun as well contributed to interesting discussions and exchange of experiences.

The course changed both my work and personal life. I have been able to employ the skills I learnt, with great results almost immediately as well expand my customers base. I also discovered the opportunities to work as Reflexologist with a range of difficulties and disorders caused by traumatic events or life-threatening conditions those I was interested in previously and I was able to explore along this programme.

I can’t thank you enough for the most enlightening and valuable learning experience provided by The Complementary Therapy School. From my perspective, the course can be highly recommended both for beginners and qualified therapist to continue professional development.

Ania Koscianska


I have recently competed the Reflexology Diploma and have enjoyed it so much I am going on to do the Swedish massage course later this year! I was apprehensive at first as I had been out of education for ten years but Melanie has a way about her that puts you instantly at ease. The course was very in depth with a lot of focus on practical and anatomy & physiology. The support out with class was fantastic. I would highly recommend the complementary therapy school.

Katie Brown


Thank you to the Complementary Therapy School for a great course with enjoyable and challenging content. The tutors delivered the training sessions in an easy to understand way. The practical aspect of the course was the most rewarding for me.

Heather Robertson