Testimonials page 16

I write to say thank you so much for offering a wonderful learning opportunity through The Complementary Therapy School here in Edinburgh. Your enthusiasm for both the Anatomy and Physiology and Reflexology was infectious. The course was presented in a way that catered for varied learning styles and I can honestly say was never dull. As a course leader you are inspirational, committed to offering a high quality learning experience and always available to offer support and guidance where necessary. I would highly recommend your courses and I know I will be back to expand my skills in the future.

Meah Stirling


The Clinical Reflexology course through the Complementary Therapy School is very thorough and Melanie, the school principal, is very knowledgeable in all aspects of reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology.
As it is university credit rated there is a lot of coursework and practical hours to complete to a high standard, however this is achievable and Melanie is available either in class, by email or phone with help and support throughout.
I am glad I chose the Complementary Therapy School. I feel the training and support provided is excellent and would highly recommend this course to anyone intrested in Reflexology. Thank you Melanie!

Gillian Frost


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your teaching. It has been an absolute joy to learn some of your knowledge and learn from your fantastic work ethic as a complementary therapist. You have been a teacher and a great role model.

Elena McCorkindale


I have done both the reflexology and Swedish massage courses with Melanie. She has been a great support, very understanding and is always willing to help whenever needed. I have enjoyed my time studying with the Complementary Therapy School and will definitely be back in future to add to my current qualifications. I have already recommended the CTS to friends who are interested in learning about complementary therapies and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Sarah Gallacher


It’s my 2nd year study with Melanie. I really enjoyed the Swedish massage course. She’s an excellent teacher and friend. I learned so much from her. She’s really supportive and helpful. Whenever I have questions, she always answers them and points out what I can do. I will not hesitate to come back and study another course with her. Really glad I met her. Thank you so much, Melanie.

Phoebe Chen


The Swedish massage course was fantastic. This was my second year studying with The CTS as I qualified in reflexology last year and I know I’ll be back to study again in the future! Melanie was a fantastic tutor, always supportive and encouraging and I feel so confident in my abilities as a complementary therapist. If you’re looking for a course which will give you the highest level of training then this is the course to join.

Jane Bolt


With an educational background in BSc Hons Psychology and Postgraduate in Counselling I desired to take a complementary therapy course that offered a university credit rated qualification. When I first began looking for Reflexology courses in Edinburgh I was impressed by the professional information shown on The Complementary Therapy School website. I remember wondering if this course is really as genuine as it appears. To clarify my worries, I decided to contact Melanie Bell. With her friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly approachable manner, I immediately decided to apply for the course.

As the course commenced, my anxiety faded as soon as I met the tutor. Melanie always created an entertaining and a positive learning environment. She was always smiling and willing to answer any question without making any student feel unwise. The subjects on reflexology, anatomy/physiology, traditional Chinese medicine, counselling and marketing really demonstrated the tutor’s knowledge and organisation levels.

Melanie is extremely enthusiastic and dedicated about reflexology which shows in her phenomenal teaching methods on both the practical and theoretical aspects. She has consistently guided me through the course and increased my confidence and aspiration in becoming a clinical reflexologist. I recommend this course to anyone considering a future in Reflexology. Thank you, Melanie, for an amazing year.

Shaimaa Elhag