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After looking at several organisations, which teach reflexology, I decided to apply to the Complementary Therapy School. I contacted Melanie who was extremely helpful and passionate about reflexology so I decided to enrol on the Clinical Reflexology course. The reasons I chose the Complementary Therapy School was due to the fact that it was university credit rated and recognised by the Association of Reflexologists. The training material was written in a way that was extremely easy to understand and although some of the assignments were challenging I knew that Melanie would be happy to answer any queries I had regarding the course work. Teaching days were divided into theory and practical and Melanie made it interesting to learn. It was extremely relaxed and Melanie was happy to demonstrate the techniques several times if need be. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn reflexology. I have gained the knowledge and confidence to take this into my reflexology business. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and will miss my trips up to Glasgow and seeing Melanie and the lovely ladies in my group.

Alison Dey


I had recently qualified as a reflexologist when Melanie’s course came to my attention. I signed up as soon as I realised I could gain a university credit rated qualification in reflexology and more advanced technique to add to my treatment routine. I already held a qualification in anatomy and physiology but not at the advanced level offered by Melanie. Although the A&P course work and essay requirements were robust and expansive, Melanie really enlivened the content with her incredible comprehension and genuine love of the subject, which was both encouraging and supportive.
Melanie was recently awarded the Inspirational Tutor Award 2015 by the Association of Reflexologists, which was well deserved as she carries a wonderful sense of compassion and understanding in her exchanges with everyone. Learning from a tutor who has that much love of their subject, a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and an inherent heart-centred approach to health and healing, can only ever be inspirational and aspirational. I’d encourage anyone considering this course to learn their craft from Melanie, she really is one in a million.

Carol Watt


I came across The Complementary Therapy School while looking for a Reflexology course to add on to the other complementary therapy trainings I had started (Anatomy & Physiology, Swedish massage, Indian head massage, seated acupressure and deep tissue) – As part of a personal project to turn my passion for natural well-being through complementary therapies into a career. And so I was looking for a Reflexology course that would fit into my already busy schedule. The clinical Reflexology course offered by The CTS caught my attention because of its high amount of credits (SCQF Level 8), the good reviews, the schedule and location. Adding to that the course was really affordable with the possibility to get a grant for tuition fees from the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). I joined the course and was immediately impressed by the tutor’s (Melanie) enthusiasm and passion for Reflexology. Although it was hard work combining a part time job, 3 days at college and the Reflexology course assignments, both Melanie’s and fellow students/friends inspired me to progress. I’m also grateful for the great people I met during the course. This year has been a great experience on many levels (knowledge, human/social, etc.) and this course has definitely contributed to it. THANK YOU for everything Melanie; for sharing your passion and knowledge and being so approachable and understanding. I must admit that when I started the course I already believed in the efficiency of Reflexology but I was not really passionate about it. Throughout the course, the practice I have discovered that practicing Reflexology has also a great benefit on myself – it brings me such inner peace as well as on the person I treat.

Natacha Maillard


I have always been fascinated by reflexology and came across The Complementary Therapy School when I was researching courses. It appealed to me as it not only offered courses on reflexology but a Diploma in Complementary Therapies which was University credit rated. The Diploma is the highest level available in the UK, and as I wanted to set up my own holistic therapies business, it made sense to go for the best qualification possible. The course is incredibly hard work, especially working full time, but also great fun and definitely worth it. Melanie is very supportive and is always happy to give advice and help you out of a tight corner when you find yourself struggling! I’ve enjoyed the past year so much that I’ve already signed up for other courses offered by the CTS to allow me to offer a wide range of therapies. I’ve also met a great bunch of like minded women who are now friends for life and that I look forward to continuing to learn with on our other courses. I would highly recommend the CTS to anyone with an interest in complementary therapies, you’ll soon find it becomes a life long passion.

Sarah Gallacher


Melanie is a kind, patient and modest teacher who creates a calm and relaxed learning environment for her students. She responds quickly to her students emails and returns written work promptly. She is lighthearted and good humoured, and I will really miss learning Swedish Massage from her!

Laura Tidswell


If you are looking for a fluffy high level course I suggest you look elsewhere! The Anatomy and Physiology module takes students on a journey through the human body. I probably knew more about the workings of Facebook than how my body sustains life before I took the course. From the tiny details of a cell, to each of the major systems of the body, the subject matter is fascinating, and made accessible by Melanie’s teaching style. It’s not all on a plate however – reading around the subject is necessary for essay writing – and it’s well worth the effort.
On day one it was hard to imagine that I could possibly remember an hour-long reflexology sequence. By the end of the course we all proved, through practical assessment, that we had mastered it. The real skill however is in tailoring the treatment to each individual, and this is where the Anatomy and Physiology knowledge and consultation skills become so relevant.
There is a great integrity in the course. Being university credit rated, the standards are high. Complementary therapists have a duty of care to clients, and this was very much reflected in the course. As students we were required to critically assess scientific research, and to form our own view on the effectiveness of our practice through our own case studies.
I was fortunate to have learned alongside a very special bunch of ladies, and I’m sure we will keep in touch and continue to support each other. It’s invaluable to have Melanie’s ongoing support as well. Thanks Melanie , for opening the door to so much knowledge and for all the fun we had along the way!

Amanda Hadfield


As a student of the Complementary Therapy School I found the Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Reflexology a highly organised, professional course that offers the opportunity to gain the knowledge, and advanced practical skills to become a confident Reflexologist. The teachers and the methods they use are first class. As someone who didn’t have any experience of being a therapist, I was looking for a part-time course that would allow me to pursue an interest and gain a recognised qualification in Reflexology. Not only did the course meet these expectations but helped me to develop useful skills in scientific and market research and a wider interest in complementary therapies.

Vicki Lee


Having attended a 6 week taster Reflexology course at my local college I was hooked and really keen to gain a “proper qualification “ in reflexology.
After looking at all the courses I found the CTS. The qualification and cost appealed to me and the fact you were in a small class with a hands on tutor was my kind of learning.
I have to admit in the beginning I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew! However with encouragement from my family and tutor Melanie ( who listened to my concerns but seemed to believe I could “do this”) I carried on and got to the finish line. In fact I was surprised and still am as to how well I had done.
I also met some great girls along the way.
Thank you to you all and Melanie too.

Diane Young


The Swedish massage course was fantastic. This was my second year studying with The CTS as I qualified in reflexology last year and I know I’ll be back to study again in the future! Melanie was a fantastic tutor, always supportive and encouraging and I feel so confident in my abilities as a complementary therapist. If you’re looking for a course which will give you the highest level of training then this is the course to join.

Jane Bolt


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