Swedish Massage


Practitioner Diploma in Swedish Massage Therapy

Credit Rated by Napier University


The highest level and the only qualification of its kind in the UK


Available in our training centres in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow & London


Funding for tuition fees is available from SAAS


About the Qualification

No other private training provider in the UK offers a Swedish massage course fully at this highest level and we also offer the highest amount of credits for a Swedish massage course (80).


We are very proud that we are the first and only private training provider in the UK that has been granted the status of offering university credit rated reflexology and massage qualifications. Anyone can accredit a course but only a higher education authority such as a university can credit rate a course.


For Scottish residents, a non-repayable grant for tuition fees is available from the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). Please see the fees section below.


We appreciate it is imperative that you find the best school for you, to enable you to become the most competent practitioner. The course has a strong practical emphasis and includes tailoring treatments for clients, advanced massage techniques, counselling skills and more. A comprehensive understanding of anatomy and physiology is key to excelling as a therapist. Our modules are all at EQF level 5, SCQF level 8.


Melanie, the Principal and main course tutor, has 22 years experience as a reflexologist, 24 years experience as a massage therapist, been featured in leading newspapers, been on television and on national radio. She also studied Biomedical Sciences at university with the intention of becoming a GP and won the Young Award for outstanding academic achievement in Biomedical Science. She returned to the complementary therapy profession as this is where her focus is.


Credits obtained from all of our university credit rated courses, can be used towards other courses, including at other learning providers. You may not have to repeat study that you have already conducted if you wish to transfer these credits to another course at the same level. It can become especially tricky if you study a course without a level and credits. The essence of studying a course with a level and credits enables you to adequately demonstrate to potential employers, clients, insurance companies and membership bodies the level and the depth of study that you have undergone. The course can be recognised internationally as most countries have their own framework. The SCQF confirm the following, “Being registered on the SCQF lends both national and international recognition to credit rated qualifications and learning programmes. In order to be on the SCQF, all qualifications have to go through a rigorous, quality assured process of ‘credit rating’ by a Credit Rating Body (CRB)”.


If students wish, they can study the Clinical Reflexology module following the Swedish massage therapy course. This would enable the graduate to be a fully qualified Clinical Reflexology practitioner. Students would hold the Diploma in Complementary Therapies and have 120 credits at SCQF level 8, European Qualifications Framework level 5. An SCQF level 8, 120 credits qualification is equivalent to one full time year of study at second year degree level at a university.


This nationally recognised qualification is unique in the UK and enables graduates to become proficient practitioners in advanced techniques with a varied range of skills.


You will have the opportunity to become an exceptional therapist and successfully maintain clients. Please see the benefits link at the bottom of the page to see the vital importance of studying this type of course.

Course Content

The Diploma has Two Modules


Swedish Massage Therapy

This course serves to equip the student with comprehensive practical skills. You will be guided through standard and advanced Swedish massage techniques. Proficiency in various techniques and tailoring the treatment to benefit individual clients will be developed. External clients will be invited into the school to simulate a work-related environment. Counselling skills will be explored to enable you to conduct active listening, manage difficult situations and deal with emotions. Setting up your own business, legal/tax requirements, advertising and marketing your business will be covered in great detail. Complementary medical scientific research will be explored and you will consider the different types of research and the terminology used in scientific research.


Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

We will explore the physiological systems and pathologies by looking at the healthy body and the progression to disease development. Definitions, causes, triggers, signs and symptoms of various pathologies and a biomedical approach to the pathologies will be explored. Lifestyle aspects will be examined and how poor lifestyle choices can impede health. The effects of stress on the body will be explored.



Students are assessed in the form of continuous assessment with no final theory exam. There will be two practical assessments at the end of the course. Students complete case studies during the course. Case studies are an invaluable tool to assist you in becoming a professional massage therapist.


We have many success stories from our graduates from all over the UK and other countries, who have set up their own very successful business.

As our courses have a university association and are very recognised, you can progress to further university study without having to repeat study that you have already done with us. Accelerated entry is available for degrees in acupuncture, herbal medicine and integrated medicine for example. This means you may be able to miss the first year(s) of study.

Graduates will be given formal recognition of their work.

As our course has a level and credits, it enables membership associations, employers etc. to understand the level and depth of the course. If you study a course without a level and credits, it will commonly mean you may be stuck with only be able to join one membership association throughout your whole career.

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates can join leading complementary therapy membership associations as a full member. It is easily recognised due to having a level and credits and allows you to take your pick of membership associations.

Graduates can also be registered on the The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Very uniquely, we offer lifetime graduate support. Graduates are encouraged to contact the school with any therapy or business related query they may have.

Our in-house Graphic Designer, can give you advice on the optimum way to market your business. Our designer has specialised in providing design/marketing solutions to complementary therapy companies for 15 years.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal academic entry requirements. Students will be assessed on an individual basis to work within a caring profession.


Bridging Course

Students can study a bridging course when they hold a suitable, recognised qualification in anatomy and physiology or in another therapeutic discipline. The therapy qualification must include anatomy and physiology at a suitable content and be at an appropriate level. Please contact us to discuss suitability.



In the unfortunate event that students fall ill during the course, we can offer a flexible learning plan whereby you can come back on to the course the next year and at no extra charge. Missed days for whatever reason can be made up at another one of our venues.

Course Fees

The fees include tuition fees, Swedish massage training DVD, handouts, support if required out with the teaching days and assessment fees.

For students resident in Scotland: The Complementary Therapy School has been approved by the Students Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS). This entitles eligible students to receive the part time fee grant. The non-repayable grant is awarded to students studying a higher education course and is worked out by how many credits you are studying. The main criteria for the grant: you have to be resident in Scotland and have a personal income of £25,000 or less. They do not take into account partner’s income.

The Complementary Therapy School clinical reflexology graduates or for holders of a suitable level and credits anatomy and physiology qualification: £588 if paying in full with the application or £608 by instalments with the part time fee grant (Scottish residents). Without the grant, £990 if paying in full or £1010 by instalments.

Students not applicable to the above i.e. for those that do not hold an anatomy and physiology qualification: If you receive the part time fee grant (Scottish residents), it will cost £937 if paying in full with your application or £997 if paying by instalments. If you are not eligible for the grant it will cost £1740 if paying in full or £1800 if paying by instalments.

The deposit is £250 if paying by instalments.


Additional Costs

2 x books, grapeseed oil, couch roll and a treatment couch. A treatment couch is required for use within the teaching days and for case studies. If you want to become a successful practitioner, with the highest quality tuition, the most respected qualification and with the most professional up-to-date training in the UK, then this is the course for you.

Treatment couches are available at the London venue for use within the training days.


Course Dates



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You are required to get signed privacy statements from any person you keep records on, including case studies. You will be required to submit a copy of this privacy statement along with any case study submitted to your tutor. A copy of this must be produced to the tutor during one of the teaching days.

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